Lunar Electification Program

by jlt

Inspied by the amazing track “lunar electification program” from the cubs lp “the whispering woods”, here is half an hour of mosty intrumental ambient & freefolk tracks together with some moody filmscore sounds by vincent gallo and bruce langhorne to start the winter with some quiet tracks.


one reedbeds g´morning gomorrah tape
her smell theme vincent gallo recordings of music for films
nowhere wixel Wixel/bloedrood Split 7″
home drone jen paul jeans wilder split
sunny california theme michael james tapscott filmscore
closing bruce langhorne the hired hand filmscore
housewarming david danielle Eight tracks, one paths compilation
lunar electification program cubs the whispering woods

30 min.

bruce longhorne – the hired hand – opening/closing

michal james tapscott – sunny california

by jlt

by jlt

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