Future Nostalgia

sun by jlt

Happy new Year to you all!

So here is my new years day mix for 2013, that I compiled on the long train journey between bern and berlin on new years day, focussing on mostly ambient tracks, with some folk tunes every now and then – the title is taken from a former selves split lp.

Hope you like it ! The Photos are taken in Southern Germany.

ps. some tracks I found on former “microphones in the trees” compilations – the blog is linked as well on the right side bar – so thanks for great inspiration over the last years!

Future Nostalgia

1. Revere 7:23 Adam Beckley Revere
2. Future Nostalgia 4:55 Former Selves Split w/ Quiet Evenings
3. Islands 6:11 Plankton Wat Spirits
4. Valentine Grove 3:21 Jen Paul / No Lakes
5. South Someday 1:35 Edgar Wappenhalter Damptuygh And Rapalie
6. Light Green Fellow 3:42 Michael Hurley Armchair Boogie
7. There Was A Man 3:00 Pearls Before Swine Balaklava
8. Sittin’ Round 1:34 Shep and Me Cloudy Chowder
9. Stagnant Water 4:49 Shipwrecks Shipwrecks
10. elf ears 2:49 Sad Souls precious paragons
11. Reperto 3:19 Tape Luminarium
12. Hey Moon 4:09 John Maus We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves
13. The Last Living Legend 4:25 Orphan Fairytale Comets Come Alive
14. wind talk sea talk 3:29 wim humming collection
15. Le Rallye 3:55 Tindersticks Claire Denis Film Scores
16. Cimbal 1:52 Scott Tuma Not For Nobody
17. Add Infinity 8:20 Mountains Choral
18. Faretheewell (Fred’s Tune) 4:00 Fred Neil Echoes Of My Mind The Best Of

73 min Jan/13
by joe le taxi




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