Fin de Siecle – Remarkable Post-Rock & Post-Indie Music at the End of the Century


Inspired by the releases lately by yo la tengo and godspeed you! black emperor and the amazing live gig by do make say think in leipzig at the constellation festival, this a mix to remember the days at the end of the century 1999 – 200o, maybe the first month of 2001 as well: the end of indie rock as we know it, the days of postrock and great constellation records releases. Electronic milestones like radiohead´s Kid A. It´s the starts of phil elverum´s microphones and there are neutral milk hotels´ cornerstone aeroplane over the sea, mogwai´s come on, die young! or the magnetic fields epic 69 love songs.

Post rock is not dead – indie rock is not dead but they might smell a bit weird there days. Here is a memory of some non forgotton tracks. I had to skip  tracks like from saul williams´ hip hop spoken word masterpiece amethyst rock star or noir desire´s lp des visages des figures, cause  these tracks would be although important these days, be difficult to integrate into the flow of the mix.

So this is a fin de siecle mix or : let´party like it´s 1999 (prince)


Punk Rock    Mogwai    Come On Die Young
News From Nowhere      Dakota Suite    Alone With Everybody                                        The Canadian Brought Us Snow    Piano Magic    7″
Treefingers    Radiohead    Kid A
Aquarius (Version 3)      Boards of Canada    Peel Session
I Don’t Believe In The Sun     The Magnetic Fields    69 Love Songs, Vol. 1
Sand (Eric’s Trip)     The Microphones    It Was Hot, We Stayed In The  Water
Mountain On The Hill      Sentridoh    Free Sentridoh: Songs from Loobiecore
Race For The Prize      The Flaming Lips    Race For The Prize
Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House      Yo La Tengo    And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea   Neutral Milk Hotel    In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
Book   The Bevis Frond    North Circular
Lost (Edit)    Third Eye Foundation    Little Lost Soul
If I Only…      Do Make Say Think    Do Make Say Think
Blaise Bailey Finnegan III   Godspeed You! Black Emperor    Slow Riot for New Zerø Kanada

82 min



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