Right Time – Wrong Speed: I´m John Peel and you are just you


This is a selection of tracks from john peel radio shows. Early sessions like the one with david bowie from 1971, tracks from obscure finnish rock shows in 89 and 90 with post punk music until the millenium years with “official” john peel sessions by herman düne, interpol, cat power or the white stripes.I focussed in the compilation a bit on those artists, who are quite known today, but they might not be so known, if john peel would not have played them in his shows – but surely there are some not that famous artists here as well like e.g. hood or the lavender factory.(and maybe in a second mix there I will focus on those “forgotton artists”)

I tried to find as well as much tracks as possible, where john´s voice is telling something about the tracks – as he tells stories about kidney stones or other strange things that occurred to him by the way.

The last song and the outro jingle is dedicated to the band, that has been played most by john peel: the fall. Thanks to kay for helping compiling this & to the unknown guy who cut “the fall” jingle.

“dj´s are just a bunch of parasited” to quote john peel in his autobiography.
R.I.P., John – and thanks for the music!

ps. sorry for the poor quality of some tracks. Some where digitalized from vhs cassettes…
– but you know, it´s for the spirit not the sound. Or – when John often played techno tracks in an wrong speed: right time, wrong speed.

And: Please make the John Peel archive available again, BBC!

85 min.



april 1990 radio mafia / nachtexpress (germany) John Peel
& april 1989 radio mafia (finland) John Peel

Pet rabbit Herman Düne Peel Session
I wish I was a crowbar Hood Peel Session
Christine the House of love
Everything Flows Medley J Mascis & The Fog Peel Show, 19 Dec 00
Happy Cycling Boards of Canada Peel Session
The Ballad Of The Broken String Múm The Peel Sessions
Wait Tortoise The Peel Sessions
Bubblegum Sonic Youth
Insight Joy Division The Peel Sessions
Ride the lavender factory
Every picture I paint The Tennage Fanclub
Billy Radcliffe Frank Black & The CatholicsThe Peel Sessions
Girl F.S.K. – Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle The Peel Sessions
Hands Away Interpol The Peel Sessions
Little Room / the union forever The White Stripes Peel Session
Tick Yeah Yeah Yeahs Peel Session
Song For Bob Dylan & Interview David Bowie The Peel Sessions
Wonderwall Cat Power Peel sessions
Billy´s Dead The Fall #1 at festive fifty John Peel Show 1990


The Fall Jingle John Peel
& Peel Goodbye John Peel


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