new releases by mv & ee, dirty beaches filmscore

Apart from the new nick cave album (there are other bigger sites to discuss this) there has not been that many interesting records the last month. So let´s talk about two little new records, I bought last week, released officially these days.

three lobed bandcamp cover

The first is the new record by Mv & EE, releaaed by three lobed, called fuzzweeed.
(Three lobed, release: 19.2, I bought it at a number of small things:

No need to say: It´s good as ever: The first side contains 4 tracks, one is a new version of “trailer trash”. The flip side is a 20 minutes orgiastic – psychodelia – tour – de – force kind of track called “poor boy excursions” in three parts, especially the last few minutes, when all the tension of the track is dissolved, are amazing.

And if you are lucky – as I was – and you are one of the early birds in ordering, you´ll get inside the lovely packaging the live cd: “fantasy set” as a baby inside the LP as well with pearls like an amazing version on grateful dead´s “fire on the mountain” as a cd only bonus track:

More info: three lobed


“Fuzzweed is from an edition of approximately 900 copies and is pressed on 140 gram Dutch vinyl by Record Industry. The album is housed within a handsome multi-color silkscreened jacket bearing new artwork from John Moloney. (As an added bonus, be sure to pop your LP cover under a blacklight to see some super-reactive HOT pink ink.) The album is accompanied by a download coupon for DRM-free digital files in the format of the downloader’s choice. Fuzzweed was mastered by Patrick Klem.”

fantasy set:

“Matt Valentine has assembled a “fantasy” collection of material recorded during MV&EE’s January 2011 residency at Brooklyn’s Zebulon. Joined by many guests and tearing through a ton of classics, this one indeed lives up to its title. Guests include Willie Lane, Ron “Rongoose” Schneiderman, Jeremy “Woodsist” Earl, Carson “Smokehound” Arnold, Matt “Herbcraft” Lajoie, Jarvis Taveniere and Pat “P.G. Six” Gubler. Essential listening for the Heroine-minded MVEE fan.”

Here is a video:


dirty beaches: water park ost

water park cover

Before the two highly expected new Lp´s by dirty beaches are released in spring, here is a 10″ soundtrack called “water park” (OST, A Records).

It has been releasd a week ago in Germany in a very little edition, though there has been a problem with the pressing, as far as I understood. I bought it at and the pressing is ok. It´s sold out, but soon there should be a second edition, I was told. There seem to be some 10″ left at

The music reminds of great early Dirty Beaches releaes on “fiction records”: more ambient, sometimes vincent gallo´s “when” comes into mind. I havn´t seen the film yet, but I´d like to see it after listening to the 10″, though there are lot´s of pictures in my head now.

Dirty beaches:

“Over the past year between touring, I’ve been writing the film score for my Friend Evan Prosofsky’s short film on west Edmonton Mall’s indoor waterpark spectacle. The film is now close to being finished, and Evan needs our help to raise money for a decent sound design, we are very close to the goal and if you have a second please visit this site and find out how you can help us by contributing to this very special project”

Here is a trailer of the film:


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