I Walk Alone – The Soul of Mother Africa


After the radio emission last winter and the dj set at the ebo taylor concert in kater holzig where I played strictly african music, here is my compilation of some of my beloved spiritual and soulful tracks

Ghana Highlife, cubanissmo from the congo, west african blues, latin influences, soulful funk.& jazz from benin or guinea or mali music. All tracks are around the end of the 50ies till the end of the 70ies.

The title is taken from marijatas epic” this is marijata” LP.

A second part with more dancable tracks soon to come.


orchestre de la pailotte. kadija blues
les ambassadeurs du motel – bolola sanou
super eagles – aliou gori-mami
ebo taylor & uhuru yenzu – victory
african brothers – kyereemirekuku
c.k. mann – etue
gnonnas pedro & his dadjes band – la musica en vérité
el rego – ke amon-gbetchea
guelewar – ya mom sameray
black truth rhythm band – imo
fubura sekibo – psychedelic baby
famous scrubbs – marvellous boy
laurent lomande – maboka marie
orchestre regional de mopti – recital (seku amadou)
bembeya jazz national – tentemba
marijata – i walk Alone
group muszical spiritual singers – jean, 3.16

(90 min)


Some videos:


bembeya jazz

orchestre regional de mopti

ebo taylor


el rego

salif keita et les ambassadeurs

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