Darker Than Blue – A Selection of spiritual Reggae, Dub and early Ska Sounds


now here:


This is the third part of my spiritual compilations. After oriental & afican tracks here is a selection of beloved classic reggae, ska and dub tunes from the 60ies and 70ies – with some exceptions like the sun araw meet the congos cooperation from last year.

The Title is taken from the soul classic “Darker than Blue”,  to be found on the amazing “Soul from Jamtown” compilation on PK.


Lee Perry – Blackboard Jungle Dub
Niney the Observer – Zorro
Don Drummond – Addis Abbeba
Joe Gibbs – Chapter Three
Cedric M. Brooks & the Light of Saba -Sabayinda
Horace Andy- No Problem
Augusto Pablo  – Java
Dennis Brown -Life goes in circles
Lloyd Chambers- Darker than blue
Delroy Wilson – I shall not remove
The Classics – Civilization
Keith Hudson – Stabilizer
Big Youth- Calling you
Roland Alphanso – Ethiopian War (version)
Desmond Dekker – the man
Wareika Hill Sounds – kamina mento rasta (played somewhere between 33 & 45 rpm)
Dennis Brown – Deliverance will come
Sun Araw & the Congos – Invocation

(70 min)


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