On Golden Arms, Grandparent´s Houses, 200 Tons Of Bad Luck & Other Reminiscences


Here is a new easter mix, with atmospheric, “post – romantic” ambient tracks from latest amazing releases by tiny small labels like wasser bassin or carpi records, tracks by new constellation records artists, ending with psychodelic postpunk and postrock classics from early 2000´s by set fire to flames or crippled black phoenix.

It is meant to be a follow – up to the “future nostalgia” mix.


Magnétophonique – Grandparents’ House out in the Country (Les Halles / Magnétophonique – Split II)
Les Halles – Reminiscence (Les Halles / Magnétophonique – Split II)
Annelies Monseré – Richard Youngs Split 10″
Lace Bows – La Vida de Hoy_Lace Bows (Lace Bows / TimiTimiNoNo Split)
Le Professeur inlassable – Buddy Clark (feat David Neerman 7″)
Pocahaunted Warpaint (Orphan Fairytale Split 7″)
Dirty Beaches – Like The Wind (Water Park OST)
Syd Barrett – Golden Hair (Wouldn´t you miss me ?)
Mark Hollis – The Watershed (Mark Hollis)
Matt Valentine & Erika Elder – Environs (Fuzzweed)
Jerusalem In My Heart – Koll Lil-Mali7ati Fi Al-Khimar Al-Aswadi (Mo7it Al-Mo7it)
Saltland – Ica (I Thought It Was Us But It Was All Of Us)
Wet hair – unknown title (not not fun 7″)
Car Commercials prisoners of type, side a (7″)
Vibracathedral Orchestra – Infinite Light (7″)
Crippled Black Phoenix – 200 Tons Of Bad Luck -(The Resurrectionists / Night rider)
Lace Bows On Golden Arms (Lace Bows / TimiTimiNoNo Split)
Set Fire To Flames – The Thing between us…(Mouths trapped in static)
Raffael Anton Irissari – Watching as she reels (Hopes and past desires 7″)
Jen Paul – Wheel And A Chime (1965 Ghost)

82 min.


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