Spring Breakers

Lana del Ray meets “the wire” meets Larry Clark: amazing images, intense photography, really bad acting protagonists and a hard to believe story that is in fact true.

Spring breakers by Harmony Korine is in no moment boring no matter if you love it or hate it. I guess the last time this film attracks intellectuals as well as white trash party folks was the movie “natural born killers” in the mid 90ies.

Diedrich Diedrichsen wrote a good article about the movie and an excursion to the thrilling music in the taz: “Bikini Riot”: http://www.taz.de/!113166/ – best see the movie in a big anonymous loveless cinema to get the spirit. (In Berlin in 4 cinemas right now)

Here is a press conference with interviews of the director and the actors, 2012:

Spring Break forever.

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