Fleamarked Treasures Discotheque #1

Every now and then you´ll find here some short reviews of fleamarked treasures, I found for cheap money – so here we go:

On the Beach – Neil Young (reprise 1974)

Here is a typical early neil young record – the a side is full of country rock stompers, while the b side has three quiet tracks, so listen here to the amazing title track and the wonderful “ambulance blues” and “motion pictures”:

ambulance blues:

motion pictures:


Another early great treasure is a 1957

7″ EP called “around the world” by Nat King Cole

discogs cover 7

with 4 classics,  (discogs) here are two of them:


an affair to remember


Another quite old 7″ Ep  just called “blues” is from swing legend sidney bechet

Here´s from the LP the “society  blues”:


Another 7″ is called “the big 4” with 4 tracks by 50´ies stars – one of them is frankie lane:

with his classic “16 tons” :


So now let´s move on up a bit : A great dance 7″ is from isaac hayes as the “isaac hayes movement“:

disco connection with the amazing b side:

st. thomas square



now from the 70ie to the 80ies :

I found a 7″ sampler called sounds showcase with 4 amazing post punk tracks tracks by the fall, the cult, the adult net and the go betweens

here´s the fall:

hey! luciani!


another 80 post punk 7″ is by bauhaus´peter murphy 7″ indigo eyes with the far

better b side:

god sends


now some pop wave :

les rita mitouko “tongue dance” 7″


and a no wave, almost  early techno classic:

anne clark 7″ our darkness / sleeper in metropolis


Last one for tonight is the somehow underrated

beach boys LP “surf´s up” – here´s the title song


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