Sorrow, Tears & Blood – A Record Store Day Compilation


Here´s a mix of some nice record store day releases 2013. Although it´s grotesque that most releases were to be found in Berlin´s megastore “Dussmann” – the opposite of a small independent record store – and traders sold the stuff on ebay or via mailorder for way too high prices.

Anyhow, I was infected & found some rare treasures (still waiting in vain for the first Beta Band EP reissue.

Especially i´m happy to see, that Herman Düne did the first really good songs on the EP “Monument Park” since the split with brother André Herman Düne. See the link to the track at the end, where he is talking about this split :”A blessing and a curse”


Scarecow * Pink Floyd * See Emiliy Play 7″
Francie’s Song * Josephine Foster * Little Life 10″
Wait for the dead to live again * Hermann Dune * Monument Park 10″
Dry The Rain * The Beta Band * The Three E.P.’s (Champions Versions)
Little Life * Josephine Foster * Little Life 10″
A Blessing and a curse * Hermann Dune * Monument Park 10″
Lament * Lakes of Gras and Gold * Landscape of open eyes 7″
Longer Way * Upsetters * Chapter 1 3x 10″
Scratch the Dub organizer * Lee Perry * Chapter1 3x 10″
Sorrow, Tears & blood * Fela Kuti * 12″
See Emiliy Play * Pink Floyd * See Emily Play
Halleiujah * Jeff Buckley * Buckley / Cohen 7″

Herman düne: “A blessing and a curse”  (monument park 10″, fortuna pop)

jeff buckley performing halellujah:

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