Mount Eerie as Singing Group live in Berlin & The Microphones Reissues

singers p w elverum bandcamp

Next monday, one of my beloved band over the last years, Mount Eerie will play as a a “Singing Group” in Festsaal Kreuzberg.  I´m very happy to see Phil Elverum, playing with  Genevieve Castré (woelv/o Paon), Julia Chirka (No Kids) und Ashley Eriksson (LAKE). Support by the amazing Mountains.

More infos here: (Puschen)

“Mount Eerie is the recording project of Phil Elverum of Anacortes, Washington in the Pacific Northwest. Since 2003 there have been many records, including Clear Moon and Ocean Roar in 2012.

As a live band, the project takes many forms, always changing.

For this 2013 tour Mount Eerie will be primarily women singing and playing distorted bass. Layers of interlocking vocals, dense with words and harmonies, resting on top of a foundation of Mount Eerie songs, create an atmosphere of dense foggy wild confusion with occasional cutting clarity.”

Here is again the album “Singers” LP of 2005 as a warm up .

As well, I´d like to note, that Phil´s lovely d.i.y label P.W.Elverum & Sun will release all the Microphones LP´s in a as always fancy packaging with liner notes, lyrics and other fine stuff.

Right now, the first official Microphones LP´s,  released originally on K records “Don´t wake me up” and  “Song Islands” is for sale and will be sold at the concerts as well.Soon there will be as well It was hot, we stayed in the water” as a physical release.

Listen and buy it here:

And as if this is not enough and Phil was always in love with experiments (see the “drums of mount eerie/no flashlight” releases), you can buy the “condensed versions” of the latest mount eerie LP´s clear moon & ocean roar on a 7″ played at the same time on top of each other as a 7″.

So, one important question is still open, voilá:


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