Aidan Baker´s Already Drowning

cover gizeh records

Amazing concept project by “Canadian Berliner” Aidan Baker of Nadja & BBS out since the middle of April via Gizeh Records. I liked the drone and ambient music of Aidan Baker, that I knew until now as well, but this LP is truly remarkable and different.

The 7 tracks are all sung by female guest musicians singing about mythological themes: Carlo Bozulich sings about the famous German folk myth “Lorelei”, Geneviéve Castrée of O Paon, Woelv & Mount Eerie in french about a canadian poem by Margret Atwood “This Is A Photography Of Me’, as Aidan Baker says in an interview in the blog: .

Listen to the whole LP (and buy it there, too):

To me, the track “Tout Juste Sous La Surface, Je Guette” was one reason to buy the record and is to my point of view one of the a centerpieces of this record: Here, the fragile singing of Geneviéve together with the typical post-rock intrumentation (violin, drums, bass and cello), slowly developing, is full of tension, mirrowing the lyrics in an amazing way.

Similar combinations work out really well for the titlesong “already drowning” with Clara Engel as vocalist or 30 Days​/​30 Nights with Jessica Baillif, especially when Jessica is just rezitating words in the end of the last mentioned song. It reminds me even of Early Godspeed You! Black Emperor or Mogwai (come on die young) releases.

The only track, I am a bit sceptical, is the one song in German: “Mein Zwilling, Mein Verlorener” sung by Joanna Kupnicka.

I don´t know why, maybe the way she sings is too much “German Romanticism”. Here the song looses the spirit and drifts away into kitsch – but maybe it´s just my antinational hyper-sensitive awareness & scepsis concerning German Lyrics and “German Angst”.

But in the End, a wonderul rich, sometimes even jazzy & krauty (like in the track Mésulsine) kind of “secret, hidden Constellation Records” LP with amazing songs, that could stand alone and still keep the spirit of their extraordinary female performers (like especially the one of G.Castrée) but work out extremly well together in this concept LP.

Beautiful artwork by the way, with a bit too small printed Lyric sheet inside.

So i am curious, how this LP could be presented live. Aidan Baker will play the 3rd of june in “Monarch” with french ambient drone specialist High Wolf, who played last year an amazing show in berghain kantine, opening for Sun Araw.

I will spin some records at this evening as well, that is presented by am Start,, so happy to see you there!

Here´s the poster of the concert:

poster monarch am start

Gizeh records:

“An album of ethereal post-rock, something of a song-cycle, taking inspiration from various myths and folktales about female water spirits, with guest vocalists on each track”

Guest Vocalists:

Clara Engel, Jessica Baillif, Valérie Niederoest &Maude Oswald (of Toboggan), Joanna Kupnicka (aka Ria Grün, of The Cold Hand), Geneviève Castrée (aka Ô Paon), Liz Hysen (of Picastro), & Carla Bozulich (of Evangelista, The Geraldine Fibbers).

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