Dirty Beaches´Drifters / Love is the Devil

salon remise door by jpe le taxi

Guess I´ve witten a lot about Alex Zhang Hungtai´s Project Dirty Beaches here in this blog over he last years and after a lot of amazing output on 7″, 10″, solit LP´s and cassettes, not to forget the filmscores. There hve been two amazing concerts in Berlin in kater holzig and westgermany the last years and next week he will play in berlin again at the teenitus festival and, as he  writes in an interview, he lives in berlin now as well. This is great news.

Moreover, last week the Double LP Drifters / Love is the Devil (Zoo music) was released in the EU and after first Listening, I am still amazed by the variety of moody sounds he is creating without repeating himself. Personally, I ám more affected by the ambient “Love is the devil” part of the LP side, which reminds a bit of his early fixture records times. Listen here:

Alone At The Danube River

Love is the Devil

The LP “Drifters” is this time more electronic, no wave orientated and there are hooklines similar to  “Lord knows best” from Badlands like this one:

I Dream in Neon

or Elli

But even the drifters LP never looses it´s melancholy dark sound, like the track”landscapes in the mist” with his incredible instrumental saxophone melody shows, that could as well be on the Love is the devil part:

At last, here are two tracks where Alex is playing the piano.

hotel ep (japan, big love web)

These are not featured on the LP, one is on the japanese bonus CD with piano instrumental songs recorded in hotels during 4 European tours (Hotel EP, Big Love) unfortunatly not released in the EU.  The other is a new version and a video of the wonderful track “Golden Blonde” originally released  on the Old Blood EP (fixture).

Danseur De Ballet (Hotel EP)

I hope Alex will continue his way producing strange little tunes on tiny little labels, although being already featured and highly awarded by pitchfork media and other big sites.


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