The Beat Poets Tapes


Here are 4 tracks (and a version) of beat poets mash – ups. I recorded these with lo – fi quality, started in 2008 with the Allen Ginsberg / Yndi Halda “Howl” version.

Last month I did a better recorded version of that track and recorded right before the concert of High Wolf and Aidan Baker the William Burroughs /Eternal Tapestry track and played the tracks at the concert in monarch and had the feeling to get a quite good feedback.

So here is a kind of an album with some of my beloved authors Albert Camus / John Fante / William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg.

The John Fante words are excerps from the film “Ask the dust”. The Albert Camus text, read by himself is an excerpt of his book “l´art et la revolte” and the mix “l´insurrection qui vient…” with the music of Set Fire to Flames is maybe the silent soundtrack of the book with the same title concerning the revolts right now happening in turkey, egypt, sweden, italy, spain, greece….

Hope you´ll like it.

Here´s the whole set:

Here are the single tracks:


Allen Ginsberg vs. Yndi Halda vs Joe le taxi
(in a better recording than the one of 2008)

Reflections on tape recorders as tracking stations for paranormal voices


william s. burroughs vs. eternal tapestry vs joe le taxi
(beat poets mash – ups # 2)


john fante vs. alice coltrane vs. joe le taxi
beat poets mash – ups # 3

(a slightly different mix than the one on mixcloud, with a fade out by dirty beaches)

L´Homme révolté ou L’Insurrection qui vient

albert camus (l´art et la revolte )
set fire to flames
the music tapes

beat poets mash ups #4 (fin)

albert camus (l´art et la revolte)
set fire to flames
the music tapes
john cale´s storm

beat poets mash ups #4 (fin)

the william burroughs lecture:

albert camus on “l´art revolté”:

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