Can I go home now ? or Still underrated Artists # 1: ignatz vs. Ela Orleans

ignatz fonal

Don´t  know why there have been just 15 people at the concert in ZMF monday this week at the ignatz concert. Although he was lovely announced as “the best or second best belgian act” by a great facebook page poster and the old factory as a venue was perfect, the entry was cheap…

ignatz poster fb

Maybe the hot weather? Maybe the neukölln hipsters didn´t make it to the not more fashioned prenzlauer berg? Maybe the quite boring opening band? Anyhow, the concert by ignatz was short and great, he was playing almost stripped down instrumental mississippi blues orientated tracks from his amazing new album out on fonal.

Right in the moments when I was thinking, it was getting too much into classical singer-songwriter there was some guitar distortion or a rythm changes that made the concert very fresh. And there is his incredible way of singing, more mumbling,  so I  don´t really know at what speed to play the LP “Can I go home now? “, mostly I like to pitch it down a bit way slower than 33 rpm (for the tape I bought as well, this might be difficult…

Listen here to a video and 2 tracks of the LP out now via fonal.

Me personally I like the LP tracks with an almost danceable lo – fi raw  rythm and blues drum sound and him improvising with electric blues guitar and singing at one track almost for 10 minutes. This is hypnotizing and deep.

I hope with this LP Ignatz will soon like dirty beaches get more audience and feedback internationally.

ela cover tumult clandestine

For Ela Orleans, I wrote some words before – see the dirty beaches split LP here – amd I will here just link to some tracks of her amazing new album  “Tunnel in Clouds” out via clandestine with a only 300 copies LP issue.

She is in Germany (in France this seems to be different) still quite unknown with rare live gigs and this is just sad, cause the music is like Ignatz´ with its rare mixture of experimental sounds, post-romantic “songs” like “longing” and tiny fragile fragments just singulare.

Here is the title track:

Tumult in clouds

Here is light at dawn:

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