trampin´to the moon




Inspired and embraced by 2 tracksfrom the wonderful LP “Dream BC” by Man meets Bear, this a a journey to the moon in several genres:

In the beginning there are new tracks by ela orleans, covering francoise hardy followed by ignatz´dark blues (pitched down a bit), then there´s 50ies swing with nat gonella and nancy wilson, then there are compeitions between charles bradley and al green who´s the king of soul & nina simone, challenged by dinah washington who´s the queen – in the middle of the mix there is an excursion to afrofunk / afroelectro with 2 new 7″ out on analog africa and mr.bongo, sailf keita howling to african skies for 12 minutes until we go back to the lovely 60ies with a track I found on an 1964 promo LP.

The last quarter there´s postromantic piano music by dirty beaches, a new ballad by boduf songs and finally ending with man meets bear.
I am proud to have done a compilation about the moon with no “howls”, “dogs” or at least a track with “moon” in the title.



The Gentle Art of Tramping 2:18 Man meets Bear Dream BC
my trip to somewhere (pitched down) Ignatz Can I go home now?
j ai bien du chargin Ela Orleans tumult in clouds
September 29th dinah washington 7″
I iwish you were here  al green 7″                                                                                              I´ll slip away Charles Bradley split rodriguez 7″
A World Without Love Peter & Gordon Great releases from the sound capital of the world, 1964
Funkier than a mosqito´s treeter  Nina Simone jazzman 7″                                    (unlabeled b side) c. k. mann mr. bongo 7″                                                                              solo hit ododo analog afrika 7″                                                                                               cikamele n´ draman blintch  cikamele
Mandjou Salif Keita et les Ambassadeurs du motel Mandjou
the gass is greener  Nancy Wilson Great releases from the sound capital of the world, 1964
sweet georgianna Nat Gonella and his georgians Swing that music Nat! 10″
moaning the blues Nat Gonella Swing that music Nat! 10″
decapitation blues Boduf Songs jessica Bailiff Solit 7″
Danseur De Ballet  Dirty Beaches Hotel EP
Radar Beach 2:29 Man meets Bear Dream BC

june 13, 73 min. by joe le taxi


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