Essential Afro Soul Reissues: Dieuf-Dieul de Thiès, Itadi & Hailu Mergia

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Here are another three LP´s from the golden era of afro soul, that moved me a lot these days, so I´d like to ahare a few words with you: Dieuf – Dieul de Thiès, Itadi & Hailu Mergia

Dieuf – Dieul  de Thiès “Aw Sa Yone Vol.1” (Tarenga, 2013)

Amazing issue of an kind of “lost afro soul album” from Senegal,  never been released before although the recordings are already 32 years old. But right before the LP was about to be released the political situation in the early 80ies in Dakar was too fragil and dangerous to continue, but the original tapes of the recordings survived as  you can read in the liner notes.

This double LP with members of Guelewar is a masterpiece of mostly 8 – 10 minutes hyptnotic jazz & soul improvisations. The emotional singing in oriental cascades reminds  a bit of Rail Band´s / Ambassadeur´s Salif Keita.


Here are short previews of all tracks:

Moreover the lovely packaging with an LP to fold in a giant poster and the wonderful designed liner notes and photos makes this LP a real treasure, one of 2013 favourites alrady, pieces, I am listening to since yesterday in heavy rotation and will do so quite a while.

Teranga Beat:

“TERANGA BEAT proudly presents DIEUF-DIEUL de THIÈS in their first ever edition. Three singers ASSANE CAMARA, BASSIROU SARR and GORA MBAYE together with their chef d’orchestre and guitar player PAPE SECK (an ex-member of GUELEWAR) compose traditional rhythms from all the regions of Senegal, with fuzz guitars, horn sections and hallucinatory percussion.
The result is an explosive mixture of an Electric Psychedelic sound with the wisdom and superiority of the musical traditions of the region, a crossover of AFRO-MANDING and AFRO-JAZZ, in which each singer guides the 13-member band in a different direction. Even today this 32 year old recording sounds futuristic and it is really rather weird that DIEUF-DIEUL never had the chance to release an actual album.
Aw Sa Yone Vol.1 includes the biggest part of their second recording and the double LP comes in a special edition with a Silkscreen print cover (see pictures below) with a large poster & included in the CD booklet photos and liner notes outlining the group member’s careers. There was no other group in Senegal with such a variety of cultural background and a strong identity. Senegalese music at its BEST! We hope you will enjoy.”


hot casa cover web

Another real essential reissue comes from Togo: Itadi. “Watch your life” is from 1977 and is now reissued on hot casa records. 

Except for the a bit too cheesy  ballad “mama” the songs are rough, catchy and funky and even this mentioned track gets a kick in the end and turns into an almost krauty final.

Infos / buy it at

“A tremendous Afro-Soul album recorded in Togo in 1977 by Itadi Bonney.
This rare album was created by a four piece band formed and leaded by Itadi. It was recorded live in Ghana at the radio station and remixed in Togo.

A really stunning fusion of funky arrangements, jazz inspirations and typical Togolese rhythms, sung in English, Mina and Akposo.

The message was political, calling for African unity and against dictatorship which obliged him to move to Washington DC during the 70’s…

Itadi Bonney, a native of Togo, West Africa, is an international musician who is a composer, arranger, vocalist and guitarist. Itadi’s”


awesome cover web

The last essential reissue is from ethiopia.

Awesome tapes from africa just reissued Hailu Mergia´s of the famous Wallias Band incredible accordeon / piano /  synth improvisations tape “…and his classical instrument”  as double LP from 1986.

He will tour Europe and will play in Berlin in the end of this year, in Berlin most likely in december, booked by our lokal afro and soul specialist  planet rock berlin, who brought us already amazing concerts by the great legend Ebo Taylor or tanzania´s youngsters Jagwa Music.

Looking forward to it!


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