Il faut confronter les idees vagues avec les images claires: Musique & Scenes de Jean-Luc Godard


This is the second part of my jean luc godard mixtapes. While the first one (“Twist pour Jean – Luc” via soundcloud:

concentrates on the 60ies female tracks is this one more focussed on the classical godard scores.

Take II / Longer version: with an alternative ending with the famous “pierrot le fou: je n´ai sais pas quoi faire” scene followed by “La mer” sung by Francoise Hardy & a fade out with Anna Karina in a dialogues with a philosopher of “une femme et une femme”.

Scenes and some famous film extracts from films of Jean Luc Godard –

A bout de souffle
Vivre sa vie
masculin feminin
une femme et une femme
Le mepris
Pierrot le Fou

Cover extracts and some scores are taken from the wonderful compilation J.L.Godard: Bande original 1959 – 1980, (wildcat strike disques, merci)




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