Sunburned Eyes – A Summers End Mixtape


From “sun comes up” (avocados) to “sunburned eyes” from the lovely “last” tape by ittle wings out via Gnomeliferecords early this year, until “summers end” by lace bows: this is an hour of late summer music, some recent tracks as well as some latest reissues of 70ies and 60ies favourites.

last by little wings gnomelife web

But there will be all tomorrows parties & suns (the music tapes)

(photos by joe le taxi, shot in anafi, greece)


Sun comes up * avocados
Nachtwacht * hellvete
Idagi achinane * mdou moctar
A Fait Line * stranded horse & boubacar cissokho
Sunburned Eyes * little wings
younger girl * terry knight
See See Rider * traditional jazz studio
cemetery * six feet under gary
african songbird (excerpt) * bea benjamin
maheyega assouf igan * mdou moctar
summers end * lace bows
all tommorrows parties * the music tapes

58 min./ sept. 13
by joe le taxi



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