Matana Roberts´ Mississippi Moonchile

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After coin coin – chapter one: Gens de couleur libre”  in 2010 (see review here), this is matana roberts´ second chapter: coin coin – chapter two: mississippi moonchile, another amazing combination of free jazz, spoken word passages, soul and gospel prayers and reminiscences to the history of black liberation and a tribute to american folk songs, this time focussing on the mississippi area.


Constellation records writes on their Website, they apologise for not having printed the
tracklists on the sleeve, nor are they in the LP itself, just via the download code you´ll find the titles of the tracks. In the end, this unwanted failure is in fact consequent: The tracks are like in the live performances Matana Roberts, more improvisations of themes, reappeearing at other parts of the LP and as well repeating phrases of the first  “couleur libre” LP in other versions.

New are Jeremiah Abiah´s “opera” tenor vocals,  appearing in several songs and this seems at first sight quite unconvenient, but turns out after second listening as a great idea, thwarting matana´s stream of conciousnes and creating an incredible tension.

Another complex Masterpiece, though, that will last for as long as people discriminate other people for no reasons – and as long as there are brave people fighting this and keep rememberering the history of liberation.

Buy it as LP with fine poster although expensive in your trusted record store, e.g the bis aufs messer shop in Berlin or via

“I sing becauseI´m happy
I sing because I´m free

I say I love you
Black Woman.”


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