The Hailu Mergia Set (updated)

Hailu_accordeon_by Gizaw_Meshesha

* Concert Photos by Gizaw Meshesha, thanks a lot *

This is the first part of the dj set I played at the concert of Hailu Mergia last monday in Berlin, in lovely monarch – as far as I remember. It starts with quiet ambient folk and kraut tunes, then continues with spiritual jazz and the first part ends with ethiopian dance grooves of the 70ies and the early kraut classic “farewell to ibusia” by afro funk.

DSC03288I guess it was an amazing evening & I was quite happy with my set – so I recorded this songs again. Title is from a Sun Ra LP with the same name,a track featured here as well

Thanks Hailu Mergia for an amazing night!


toumani diabate
stranded horse w/ ballake sissoko
Lonnie Holley
Mammane Sani
Sun Ra
Full Moon Ensemble
Matana Roberts
East New York Ensemble de music
Bea Benjamin (excerpt)
Salah Ragab & the Cairo Jazz Band
Girma Bejene
Mahmoud Ahmed
Karl Hector
Alemayehu Eshete
Afro Funk

(120 min – for detailed tracknames write me)



DSC03292This is the second part of the Hailu Mergia Mix – the tracks I played after the concert last monday starting with “atomic bomb” from the amazing onyeabor reissue on luaka bop. There are afrobeat highlife classics, funk 7″, spiritual soul from burkina faso, senegal, benin or ghana, going back to ethiopian 70 dance tracks until calming down a bit with malian jazz & sounds from the sahel zone ending with marijatas epic “I walk alone”.

Rarely there was a concert I was asked so many times by an enthusiastic audience, so I recorded this mix.


william onyeabor
ebo taylor
c.k. Mann
abdullaye cisse
freedom family
dieuf dieul de thiés
african brothers band
teshome meteku
ali birra
getatchew merkurja
mulatu astatke
wallias band
tilahun gessesse
hayvanlar alemi
rail band
el rego
le mystere jazz de tombouctou
orchestre mauretanie

126 min
by joe le taxi


Hailu accordeon2 by Gizaw_Meshesha

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