Muziqa, Muziqa! – Favourite Ethiopian Soul & Dance Tracks of the 60ies & 70ies


As an Annex to the Haulu Mergia set, here is my first “ethiopique” set.

Some of the tracks I played last week at the great Hailu Mergia concert & I was uploading some of them here (the Hailu mergia set), but was asked if I could do a pure ethio mixtape of 60 & 70ies soul &dance songs, so I took a few more tracks, a wedding song in the end & a slow version of the classic yekermo sew

Tracklist :

shilela – hailu mergia
ambassel – getatchew mekurja
chifara – mulatu astatke
muziqa slit – wallias band
ebakesh tareqign – mahmoud ahmed (with ibex band)
ambassel (slow version) – alemayehu eshete (alem girma band)
ene negn bay manesh – girma beyene
tequr gessela – alemayehu eshete (shebele´s band)
gara se new betesh – teshome meteku
a child from menjar – tilahun gessesse
kophhaa koo – ali birra
mela mela – sefu yohannes
muziqa muziqa! – seyoum gebreyes
ewnetegna feger – hirut beqele
yihe new wey miszesh – “wedding songs” w/ singer lemma gebre hiwat et al
yekermo sew – sefu yohannes



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