Riding a Dead Horse – 23 Mysterious Film Score Themes


(back cover still:  night of the hunter / la sorciére 7″)

Inspired by a new Finders Keepers 7″ with 2 great film score classics (night of the hunter  & la sorciére,  featured here in this mix as well), this is my second film mix: A mean & dark compilation of famous film scores.

In the end,  there are some scenes & trailers. Enjoy & have a merry xmas or happy holidays!



lubos fiser (valerie and her week of wonders)

* chromatics (night drive)  * walter schumann (night of the hunter) *  tindersticks (white material) * carmine coppola (the godfather) * Zdenek Liska (the little mermaid) * G. Yaryed (Betty Blue) * Tom Waits (The Black Rider) * N.Glanzberg (La Sorciére) * Sohail Rana (Khyber Mail  * The Vampires Of Dartmoore (draculas music cabinet) * Dirty Beaches (Practical ESP) * Nino Rota (Amacord) *  E.Morriccone (What have yoo done to Solange? & Django Unchained) * Jeanne Moreau (India Song) * Serge Gainsbourg (l´eau a la bouche) * John Fahey (Zabriskie Point) * Michal James Tapscott (Sunny California) * Danny Elfman (Nightmare before Xmas) * Bruce Langhorne (The hired Hand) *


outro /hidden track: Isabella Rosellini (Blue Velvet)
by joe le taxi 12/13

cover stills
tthe hired hand / khyber mail / finders keepers 7″


DSC03355 DSC03353

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