re:2013 – tracks

Here are some of my beloved music  2013 – 100% daft punk free : Some of them I put on recent compilations on mixcloud and soundcloud like the e.g. the ” november songs II” compilation.

(Lp´s, reissues & films list will follow)


Pt. one : top 10 tracks

1: khora – one is the other

(silent your body is endless, bonus)


2. I`m a dreamer – Josephine Foster

(fire, I´m a dreamer)


3. O Paon – Hors terre

(quatorze/quinze ans, taus)


4. Sunny Dunes – Patience,waiting for the summer

(cassette -wash, then dance never soon , carpi)


5. Fat Freddys Drop- Blackbeard

Blackbeard (the drop)


6. Cloudboat – Wanderlust

10″ , wanderlust, R&S


7. Stranded Horse – Transmission

transmission 7″ w/ boubacar cissokho


8. Matana Roberts – Amma Jerusalem School 

(coin coin, chapter II, constellation)


9.Forest Swords – Ljioss

(engravings, Tri Angle)


10: Jerusalem In My Heart – 3andalib Al-Furat

(Mo7it Al-Mo7it, constellation)


far out bonus:

Mdou Moctar – “Improvisation”

(mdou moctor, sahel sounds)


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