then fell the Ashes …


* this is for my beloved sister, who passed away last week –  rest in peace, little angel, I will always love you  – hallelujah (l. cohen/jeff buckley) *

(listen carefully)


End for to start again – thanksgiving / adrian orange (thanksgiving, marriage)       jesus christ wa an only son  – Sun Kil  Moon  (tiny cities, rough trade)                          yellow dollar –   Ed Askew   (7″, De Stijl)                                                                                         Drug Song – Dave Bixby (Road to Quetzalcoatl, Guerssen)                                                     Fodder on her Wings – Vic Chesnutt (North Star Deserter, Constellation)                         I´ll look around –  Nina Simone (Forbidden Fruit,  Vinyl Masters)                                    my sweet lord –  yim yames (tribute to, ATO)                                                                        the lord will make a way – the sensational six ( 5 minztes to midnight, mississippi10″)    Hallelujah – jeff buckley (leonard cohen split 7″, vinyl lovers)                                          Then Fell the Ashes – Twinsistermoon     (then fell the ashes, blackest rainbow)          free at last – Antony and the johnsons (I am a bird now, secrety canadian)

cover stlll: north star deserter by vic chesnutt
the titel is taken from the lp “then fell the ashes” by twinsistermoon



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