Movie Special Annex: Finders Keepers´amazing “Kreep” 7″ series

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As an annex to the movies special yesterday, I want to mention two fine new 7″ of the dark “kreep” series of”vinage macabre film music” , I just picked up from the record store today, so I could not play them yesterday at the radio show.

But I was playing the great Walter Schumann “pretty fly” / Night of the hunter 7″/la sorciére already at the last emission and was adding it to the film mixtape lately:


Now there are two new “finders kreepers” 7″ out: Bruno Nicolai/Roger Roger
Il Conte Dracula/Le Viol Du Vampire

finders keepers:

Finders Kreepers continue their 7″ series of vintage macabre film music with a volume dedicated to European vampire cinema with the two most notorious exponents of the horrotica genre at the helm. Although often put on the same platform the films of these two self-sufficient European filmmakers are in fact very different from each others celebrated efforts, having collaborated on just one occasion with Rollin directing a short dream sequence for Franco’s film Virgin Amongst The Living Dead (complete with its pulsating Bruno Nicolai score).


The Flipside, I like even more: It contains another strange melodramatic score: Jean Rollins´ Viol De Vampire with the song “profondeurs” by Roger Roger, a bit jazzy in the beginning, then turning almost hypnotic orchestral  in the end.

Here is the song and the trailer for the movie:


# 5 of finders keepers Kreep series – and it seem to be unfortunatly the last one – is George Duning & The Brothers Candoli/Gianfranco Reverberi Bell, Book And Candle/The Reincarnation Of Isabel.

“For the final chapter of the Finders Kreepers 7″ series of bygone supernatural psychedelic cinema scores we combine a true universal classic with a very deep underground gem for this unlikely pairing of witchcraft films from entirely different cinematic perspectives.

Taken from a South American only 7″ EP dedicated solely to the nightclub music of The Brothers Candoli in Richard Quine’s Bell Book And Candle, the tongue-in-cheek cat magic theme on the a-side of this release combines whirring electric pianos and muted horns to provide a classic kitsch-witch freaky tiki theme complete with purrs, meows and magical spells sharing the same dark comedic approach to the looming domestication of witchcraft shared in haxan classics like Rosemary’s baby and Virgin Witch as wellas comedies like Bewitched and Saxana.

The final side to this ten-part series finally sees the obscure ritualistic funk soundtrack to Renato Polselli’s Reincarnation Of Isobel available on vinyl for the first time since its ultra rare 1973 release (under a different name) on a small Italian imprint. Composed by library music stalwart Gianfranco Reverberi for a film that also goes by the name of Rites, Black Magic and Secret Orgies In The Fourteenth Century, the bizarre feature-length score does little to authenticate the stylistic vintage of the films plot and brings psych rock, synth and sound effects to the proceedings bequeathing gems such as this impending bass and percussion driven title sequence. Complete with explicit feminine vocalisations and sedated Euro mock afro rock textures this rare theme for the X-rated 1970s take on the 1922 Benjamin Christensen film Haxan does its best to provide a musical backdrop for a film that combines witchcraft, vampires and zombies combining all the key fantasy figures found in the Finders Kreepers series for an ultimate deep groove crescendo.”…of-isabel/


Finally this is the first Kreep 7″, I am still trying to get physically.
Here is one track and a film extract:

George Auric
O Willow Waly (The Innocents)

Thank you finders keepers for digging all this!

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