“the little dog laughed # 4 – Movie special” (updated with mix for relistening)

“the little dog laughed # 4 – Movie special” –
13.2.2014 2230-24.h.
piradio.de, 88,4 fm

steam / link at http://cba.fro.at/series/2755  – here you´ll find the other emissions, too.


Psychodelic film scores of the 70ies
1. Maypole Song – Paul Giovanni (the Wicker Man)
2. Say Goodbye – Bruce Langhorne (Idaho Transfer)
3. Leaving my old life behind – Jonathan Halper (Puce Moments)

Songs from recent TV – Series

4. St James Infirmary – Louis Armstrong / Joe Primerose
5. I thought I heard Buddy Bolden say – Sidney Bechet / J.R.Morton
6. Dixie Flyer – Randy Newman

True Blood:
7. I Wanna Do Bad Things With You – Jace Everett

The Wire:
8. Way Down in the Hole – Tom Waits

Classics & kitsch
9. Radio Zhou Xuan Announcement/Hua Yang De Nian Hua (In the mood for Love)
10. Fascination – Nat King Cole (Love in the Afternoon)
11. La Llorona – Chavela Vargas (frida kahlo)
12. Le Rallye – tindersticks (clare denis scores : Vendredi soir))

Film noir / nouvelle vague / italo western scores :
13. Mao Mao – Claude Channes (Godard, la Chinoise)
14. Le Mepris – G. Delerue (Godard, le Mepris)
15. La Tourbillon – Jeanne Moreau (Truffaut, Jules et Jim)
16. The Godfather – Manta Ray (der pate, original: nino rota)
17. Once apon a time in the west – Ennio Moriccone (theme: once apon a time..)

Blaxploitation / Japanese Pink Violence Movies / Political Black Action Films
19 & 20. Rei Nakanishi, Kunihiko Suzuki – Kinjirareta Ichiya // Yu Aku, Kunihiko Murai – Zange No Neuchi Mo Nai (Killing melody, Instrumental Music from Japanese Pinky Violence Movies)
21. Theme of Foxy brown – Willie Hutsch / Pam Grier (Foxy Brown, Music and politics of Black Action Films )
22. Black Goddess /excerpt – Remi Kabaka (Black Goddess)
23 Exodus theme – Ernest Gold (Exodus)


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