Le Passé

Remarkable new movie “le Passé” by iranian director Asghar Farhadi with Bérenice Bejo. shot in Paris and a small Banlieue outside of Paris.

A simple story about a couple, meeting for the formal divorce again,  turns into a complex emotional drama in the way the french nouvelle vague films of the 60ies/7oies did, asking fundamental questions of guilt, love and the concept of what the Germans call “patchwork family”.  (“blended family/step family”).

Moreover, it´s a political movie as I see it, when showing the french-arab families as natural full members of the french society with all its problems, and not just as having typical “immigrants integration problems” – in times of a restrenghthening of the right extremist Front National and made by an non french director something quite couragious.

Maybe the only critic is: the film is a bit too long, like the story af Naima is kind of too much in the end, but apart from that: Brilliant intensive movie, even better than his last “Nader and Simin.”

In Berlin still to see in several cinema, I saw it in fsk Kino.


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