the little dog laughed # 5 radio tomorrow

stanley brinks & wave pictures:  orange

Donnerstag / thursday 22.30 – 24h pm. > stream or in berlin:  88,4 fm

This week there will be a freestyle issue with new releases and weird reissues:

A great 7″ by Stanley Brinks w/ the Wave Pictures,  californian westcoast sounds by MV & EE and Kevin Morby, new ambient tapes by Gnod, Cody Yantis & Daniel Bachmann, mysterious stuff like the LP „One of you“ with songs of an anonymous chech immigrant in canada who did sad folk tracks in the 80ies,  now collected by Mississippi / Little Axe records (see and listen to a song via litte axe records here)

litte axe web

(beautiful cover “one of you”, little axe records)

or  Idaho John Windslow´s almost atonal but hypnotic Loner Folk & 2 new „finders kreepers“ 7“ with obscure film music of the  60 & 70ies.

To cope with  the sunny pre – spring, there will be as well some Nyabinghi Reggae of the rare „Earth Sound“ 10“ issues and dance tracks by Omar Souleyman, Los Issifu and his Moslems,  new Numero „Excentric Soul 7“, and a 7“ of the thai Paradise Bangkok Label with the  mazedonian Singer Esma Redžepova.

So would be nice if you´d listen/ Freu mich auf Zuhörer!

harlem river / kevin morby:

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