The little dog laughed Radio # 5 – Ambient tapes / Psychedelic Folk / Filmmusik / Earth Sounds

Here´s last thursday´s radio emission for re-listening. By the way: write me if you´d like me to do the emission in English. If there are some international non – German speaking listeners,  i´ll do so.

(cover are photo stills of a video projection at the forest swords concerts in leipzig, ut connewitz)


The litte dog laughed # 5 –
Freestyle: Ambient tapes /
Psychedelic Folk / Filmmusik / Earth Sounds

1. Simple matters – Cody Yantis (Resonant Memory,tape)
2. The somnambulist tales part 4.(excerpt) – Gnod (The somnambulist tales, tape)
3. Crazy snow (excerpt) – Mv & Ee (Shade Grown)
4. Sunny Side Of The Blue Ridge – Daniel Bachmann w/ Ryley Walker (Of Deathly Premonitions tape)
5. Life is a puddle (engl transl. from czech original) – One of you (s/t)
6. Durdevan, Durdevan – Esma Redžepova (Paradise Bangkok 7”)
7. Oh willow waly – Georges Auric (Finders Kreepers 7”: the Innocents)
8. Profondeur, Roger Roger (Finders Kreepers 7: Le Viol Du Vampire)
9. Il pleut – Brigitte Fontaine (…Est Folle)
10. Slow train – Kevin Morby (Harlem River)
11. Maybe I will see you again – Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures (Orange Juice 7″)
12. Spores of His Mind – Man Meets Bear (Buffalo Comets)
13. Creator, Detroyer – Angel Olsen (Strange Cacti)
14. Kaset Hanzal – Omar Souleymann (Dabke 2020)
15. Earth sound – Ernest Ranglin (Earth sound #1 10“)
16. Alimawi Jah I – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics (Earth sound #2 10“)              17. Idarga Bidi – Los Issufu and his Moslems (Tanga Beat 7“)
18. It´s the things that you do – Flyte Tyme (Numero “Purple snow” 7”)
19. Black But Proud – Reverent Louis Overstreet (Blessings Of All Kinds 7”)


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