Future Nostalgia or Dust to Digital: Joe le Taxi Mixtapes 2005 – 2007




Here are some early  mixtapes , I recorded as cd-r´s for friends. So before the old cd´s start to dust, it´s time to upload it.


ps. by the way: it´s interesting to listen and see, what has remained of these days – so it´s more than just nostalgia ….


Joe le Taxi Mixtape # 00:  “Paris 05”

The Songs are those, I listened in France during my stay in fall 2005 for a few month in Paris. It was the time, when “arcade fire” was called “the arcade fire” and played in tiny bars, cat power was publishing her break – through – album “the greatest”,  rufus wainwright did play more than just kitsch and indie music like herman düne or julie doiron was still fresh. Some lovely french artists like katel, mansfield tya or louise attaque are on this mix featured as well.


louise attaque / mansfield tya / bright eyes / rufus wainwright / the wedding present / the arcade fire / 22 pistepirkko / okkervil river / devendra banhardt/ sufjan stevens / cat power / the decemberists /gravenhurst /donna regina / katel / Lhasa / blonde redhead / damien jurado / early day miners / julie doiron / herman düne

For detailed tracklist write me

Fall /Winter 2005
by joe le taxi


Here´s # 01 of my early dj mixes:

“Sorée n´imorte quoi avec Joe le Taxi”


francois / daniel johnston / the wedding soundtrack / sodastream / panda bear / hood / art brut / the shins / electrelane / the van bondies / off montreal / deerhoof / bonde do role / java / la replik / brigitte bardot / andrew bird / billy bragg / blur /desmond dekker / fat freddys drop / nova records / the music tapes

(july 07)

lovely cover art by antje heyn (www.antjeheyn.de)
thank you!


The canadian mixtapes –

Joe le taxi mixtapes #02 : “Montréal +33c*

Here´s part one of the “canadian mixes” I compiled during my stay in montréal in fall 2007.

Here are some canadian artists like malajube, kevin Drew, suset rubdown or Frankie Sparo mixed with other mostly “northern” music, we listened to at the long rides driving through Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.


Fuck / malajube / okkervil river / herman düne / build to spill/ daniel johnston / sunset rubdown / adrian orange / devendra banhardt / ai phoenix / the wrens / damien jurado / Frankie Sparo / Manta Ray / the Bees / (Smog) / the konki Duet / Mirah

Sept-Oct 07 by joe le taxi – Cover is a foto of a montreal pop festival flyer


Joe le taxi mixtape # 03: “November Songs”

nov-songs-back by antje heyn

This is my second mixtape with a focus on canadian music with artists like toronto´s sandro perri, sackville or spencer krugman with all his projects sunset rubdown, swan lake and frog eyes.

But there are as well melancholic winter tunes by, hanne hukkelberg, emily haines, reykjavik´s seabear or a fantastic song by my friend tord lovik with his project “the riverendings” with a unfortunately never released track to end this mix.

Cover art by antje heyn (www.antjeheyn.de)


piano / the zombies/ manishevitz / sackville / swan lake / frog eyes / sunset rubdown / malajube / julie doiron / okkervil river / emiliy haines / hanne hukkelberg / shearwater / andrew sweeney / sandro perri / cat power / elvis perkins / seabear / jana hunter / las malas amistades / calexico & amor belhom trio / the riverendings

78 min
11/07 by joe le taxi


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