Sunday Selection: Bitchin Bajas tape, Ti Paris et sa Guitar, Jimmy Mawi & Jim – Jam – Gems #4 EP´s

bitchin bajas tape cover hhv


After going back in time with the Nina Simone radio show and posting some old mixtapes, here are some lovely new releases,  I bought lately, in a short sunday selection, so here we go:

First is Bitchin Bajas´ 3 x tape recording in 2013 “live at the hideout”. 120 minutes of extraordninary ambient – kraut – psychedelic music recorded live to tape in Chicago, I could listen to over and over again –  so I think of taking the tape deck to some future dj gigs.


Bathetic records:

“During the month of January in 2013 Bitchin Bajas held residency at the Hideout in Chicago, IL. Performing every Tuesday of the month, playing two different sets each week. Collaborating with friends, playing with films in quadraphonic, using the Bitchitronics set up live and changing where the performance took place in the bar helped vary each set. Using several recording devices, all rehearsals and performances of each week were documented. Later it was all edited and mixed making these six sides a collage of the entire residency.”

Read more about the release in this lovely review:

cover web bathtic


Now to something completly different: From madagascar here´s Jimmy Mavi with  a new soundway 10″ release “Black dialogue”. I like a lot the slow blues song “black star blues” but the other 3 more afro – psych – rock 70ies tracks are brilliant as well.




little axecover web

From portland´s Little Axe there were fantastic releases lately like the reviewed “one of you” LP  or the Reverend Louis Overstreet 7″. Here  comes  another treasure: Haitis´ Ti Paris et sa Guitar:


I kind of like a lot the simple but deep and hyptotic calypso blues tracks, sung in french  especially the 3 long tracks on side A. (wrongly labed as Side B) ,  although listening to the whole album is for my melancholic soul too much “latin” – so I need short doses of these LP.

More infos little axe:

A true masterpiece by one of the legends of Haitian music. The debut album by Haiti’s favorite troubadour reissued for the first time on vinyl. Beautiful guitar playing with the minimal rhythmic accompaniment of maracas. Haitian blues music at its best.  ‬

Troubadour music never belonged in studios. It was happening in the backyards of Haiti in the 50s & 60s, played for small gatherings & chickens.  Very minimal, but inventive, entrancing guitar playing, inspired by the Rara Voodoo tradition. His voice hoarsed by too much clairin, the haitian moonshine, he sings of the eternal blues of poverty, simple joys & tough romance. Fans of Joseph Spence will dig this.

His songs, covered over the years by so many Kompa orchestras, are still hummed in Haiti & all over the diaspora. Try whistling Bam Pam Ladan to any Haitian & watch them smile. Some know these wonderful songs that were crafted by Ti-Paris a long time ago, but very few have heard the original versions. Here they are.


stg o lee web cover # 3 and 4

At last, a nice little 10″ compilation of strange 50ies  calypso, r& b & 50ies soul & pre rock- n ´roll tracks comes from stag o´ lee records : jim – jams – gems #4.

I like a lot among other hardly known tracks by Dinah Washington, Sondi Sodsai or Willmoth Houdini, the version of “tabou” by the lecuona cuban boys:

and of course julie London´s amazing “Come on a my house”: :

“..and of course Vol. 4: Bongology
Enjoy a beguiling musical expedition from haunting Calypso rhythms via mesmerizing Voodoo Jazz to wild exotic Rock’n’Roll. When you feel like having a strong rum drink under a tropical sky, this fourth installment of Jim Jam Gems compiled by Duke JensOmatic, brings 10 rare tracks by artists like Cab Calloway, Dinah Washington and Sugar Boy Crawford onto your turntable and a glimpse of summer into your house bar. Limited edition of 1000 on crisp 10“ virgin vinyl.”

Listen to a set with other jim jam releases:

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