* Trees are what you call Infinity (Jaroslav Rudis) *


Here´s an collection of my beloved ambient songs and artists over the last, let´s say 5 years. Embraced by cody yantis´ amazing tape “resonant memory”, there are 70 minutes of drones & ambient instrumentals, I compiled during my train journey from switzerland last sunday night (and added a c.j. boyd excerpt from an LP I bought yesterday after an amazing concert)

The title is my english translation of a quote by jaroslav rudis´ “Vom Ende des Punks in Helsinki” – fotos taken at schöneberger südgelände, january 2014.



cody yantis – brightness 1

scott tuma – Tiktaalik
tape & bill wells – fugue 2
treehouse – amalgam blues
miaux – nectar
the books – john´s arp
ulaa khol – And I Dreamt the Sky Was a Great Ocean of Blood
Jen paul / no lakes – valentine´s groove
pocahaunted – solitary vigils
lace bows – summers left
bitchin bajas – @ the hideout, tape 1 side b (excerpt)
cj boyd – hunger crown pose (excerpt)

cody yantis – simple matters iv


by joe le taxi
april / mai 14
70 min.


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