Ray Frazier & the Shades of Madness

ray frazier cover jazzman web

Another little treasure by Jazzman records. A 3 x 7″ collection of Ray Frazier´s soulful
hard to find singles.

My beloved one´s are the slow songs “your eyes” and “loneliness” but the funky tracks are extraordinary, too.


One of our specialties at Jazzman is focusing in on the obscure and often previously slept on regional based sounds across America.

This time our radar was honing in on state of California and some of the rawest Los Angeles funk and sweetest soul. Many celebrated musicians have tried to make it big along Sunset Strip, but Ray Frazier & the Shades of Madness were some of the most active, prolific and influential showmen of the soulful ‘50s, 60s and ‘70s.

This collection of unique recordings captures the essence of the multi-talented entertainer, singer and songwriter – one of the hardest working music men about town. Includes the £1000+ rated ‘My Baby’s Hand’ – otherwise known in less than a handful of copies!


I Who Have Nothing

Gonna Get Your Love
Push and Pull

Your Eyes
My Baby’s Hand

Here´s some videos of some of the the tracks:

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