the little dog laughed radio @ dt 64 festival babylon mitte – “Ein Lied mehr”- A Selection of Postpunk


The little dog laughed radio live @ DT 64 festival
Babylon Mitte
8.5 ca ca. 23 30 – 1h.


Curious Oranj – The Fall (curious oranj)
Pretty in pink – The Psychodelic Furs (All of this and nothing)
Dämmerung canceln, Gesang stehen lassen – Brüllen (Schatzitude)
Dark entries – Bauhaus (7“)
Songs in Praise of the Revolution – Camp Sophisto (7”)
Was soll ich bloß Thnfisch? – Ichfunktion (s/t)
Ghettowelt – Blumfeld (Die Welt ist schön)
Alkohol – Abwärts (NORMAL Sampler 82 – 92 )
Cruel Garden – The Stranglers (Strange little Girl 7“)
Wednesday Week – Undertones (7“)
Public Image – PIL (This is not a love Song 7“)
Born under Punches – Talking Heads (77)
Kollaps – Einstürzende Neubauten (Kollaps)
Generic – Rodion GA (Misiunea Spatiala Delta)
Red Planes – Weekend (81 Demos)
Beginning – Durutti Column (The Return of…)
Tunic (Song for Karen) – Sonic Youth (Goo)
Seasons – The Notwist (s/t)
Old Coat – Rio Reiser (am Piano)
Dream Baby Dream – Angel Corpus Christi (I Love NY)

or dl / listen here:


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