Playlist – The little dog laughed # 8 – Psychedelic special

Playlist – The little dog laughed # 8 – Psychedelic special
Pi-Radio 5.6.2014, 2230 – 24h.

Stream for relistening soon here:


Intro – Neil Young (A letter Home)


Kraut / psychedelic-ambient / free folk

Puls – Günther Schickert (Überfällig)

Mekong – Sir Richard Bishop (Road to Siam 10″)

Woven music for silver ocean – Shinji Mazuko (Woven Music)


Psychedelic “Stoner” Rock & Funeral Folk

Walking uphill agains the Wind (excerpt) – White Hills (A little Bliss forever)

5th Sun Dub – Gnod (5th Sun 7”)

Untitled 1- Silvester Anfang II (untitled, Edition Latitudes)

Cemetery – Unknown Artist (Numero 7”)


Psychedelic 60/70ies classics

The murder mystery – The Velvet underground (s(t)
Cirrus Minor – Pink Floyd (Relicts)


Heavy Psychedelic Ballads

Song of a Sinner – Top Drawer (Forge your own chains: heavy psychedelic ballads and dirges compilation).

Jeritan Cinta – Terenchem (Those Shocking Shaking Days- Indonesian Psychedelic Rock 1970 – 78)

December Sequel – Pats People (save the music! – groove merchand compilation 2012)

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