´cos my autumn´s done come (hazlewood)

An eclectic – emotional midsummer mix. The title is a classic song by Lee Hazlewood, here performed in a great version by unknown singing objects. The two african tracks are taken from the wonderful compilation “african women sing” out via aquarium drunkyard)


  1. Evening Dangle – Scott Tuma (Cracker where am I, tape)
  2. poor boy long away from home – John Fahey (Blind Joe Death)
  3. Fumbria Abaana- Kawaliwa & Mary w. the AGS Boys (African women sing)
  4. Brial – Raiz di Djaforgo(African women sing)
  5. Anadoluyum – Fikret Kýzýlok (Gün Ola Devran Döne)
  6. A Vava Inouva – Idir (1970ies Algerian Folk & pop)
  7. How about you? – Sister Rosetta Tharpe (Gospel train)
  8. naima (coltrane) – Les double Six (s/t)
  9. Sunny Road To Salina– Christophe (dirty french psychodelia)
  10. My autumn done come – Unknown Singing Objects (7″)
  11. The very busy salesman – Fog (7″)
  12. Roll river Jordan – Ras Michael (Nyahbinghi)
  13. Nandina – Daniel Bachman (same, Tour LP)
  14. Castle Of Stars-  Ed Askew (unreleased, “Blue Piano”)
  15. tell me why – Anonymous Choir (Sings Neil Young´s after the Goldrush)

(45 min)
sun / rain pic by joe le taxi


At last, here´s lee hazlewood version of my autumn done come:

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