Ed Askew ´s “Rose” released by Okraina Records label

The lovely Brussels based label okraina records, named after a 1933 Boris Barnet film, concentrating on double 10″ records, just released after an ignatz & Harris Newman collaboration and a 3-sided 10″ by Éloise Decazes with franko-canadian´s Eric Chenaux now two radio shows by Ed Askew on an double 10″ called “Rose”.

One is with Ed´s friend Steve Gunn at the 2010 Greg Healey show, the other record is with Joshua Burkett for WFMU in 2007 (Rob Miller Show). Some of the songs are versions from early Ed Askew Albums like “Little Eyes” or “Little Infinite Love Song” – some are on the 2013 album “For the world” like the tracks “Maple Street”, Roadio Rose” or “Drum Song”, although Ed Askew explaines in the spoken word parts of the tracks,that the new songs are written shortly after the first album in 1970.

Well, like I wrote earlier about Ed Askew´s reissues on De Stijl / Drag City “Imperfiction” and the 7″: “Here We Are Together Again / Yellow Dollars” aleady, his songs are deep, raw, poetic & heartbreaking and influenced generations of loner folk finger or recent finger picking guitarists like James Blackshaw, Steve Gunn or Daniel Bachmann, just to mention a few of some of the amazing anglo-american folk singer songwriter scene these days.

So it´s a wonderful to make these recordings not just dust in the webspace but make them available physical in a lovely packaged and designed double 10″ record treasure.

Merci bien and by the way, please listen as well to the other releases by Okraina Records, like the Ignatz 10″, as long as they are available, it´s worth it!

Buy it here: http://okrainarecords.bandcamp.com/album/rose


Ed Askew´s other diverse releases are surely worth a re-listening, too.

I love especially this one! “Blue Piano”


Here´s another great show by Ed Askew for la Blogotheque:

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