* Orphan´s Lament or the Right to Cry * (the about:blank ambient & loner folk set)


This is the re-recorded dj set, I played yesterday (as far as I remember) in the lovely garden at the techno club about:blank at the down by the river festival after the concerts were finished to calm the people down.

It´s a selection of folk & ambient sounds of recent artists like Ignatz, Amen Dunes or Kurt Vile and 70ies american or british loner folk classics.

So never mind love songs, dolphins & orphans lament. And sorry for fading out one of the most amazing tracks lately, Matt Elliott´s 17 minutes masterpiece “The Right to cry”.
(At 5 past midnight the techno sounds started from the inside…)

“This light will disappear like breath on a mirrow”.
(Sackville, the principle of science)

Thank you for a lovely festival!



Dance of Death John Fahey (Zabriskie Pont)
Evening Dangle Scott Tuma (Cracker where am I? Tape)
Road to Siam Sir Richard Bishop (Road to Siam 10”)
Castle of stars Ed Askew (Blue Piano)
Spells TwinSisterMoon (Snowbringer cult)
Dolphins Fred Neil (Fred Neil)
Early morning Rain Neil Young (A letter home)
Slow Train Kevin Morby (Harlem River)
Red Apples Kurt Vile (God is saying this to you)
Dog and Siren Micah blue smalldone (the Ring of the Rise)
Orphan´s Lament Robbie Basho (Visions of the Future)
How can I Leave  Michael Hurley (Songs of Lale Waterson)
My autumn´s done come Unknown Singing Objects (7”)
Ethio Song Amen Dunes (Goddamn I hate the blues! 7”)
Tennage boys Ignatz & de stervende Honden (s/t)
Housewarming David Danielle (8 Tracks,one Paths compilation)
Hey Chicago Low (Songs for a Dead Pilot)
Add Infinity Mountains (Choral)
The singer Dirty Beaches (7”)
Chanson pour la Hase Woelv (Pamplemoussi)
Lost Wisdom Mount Eerie w/Julie Doiron(s/t)
Crazy Snow (excerpt) MV & EE (Shade Grown)
The Principles of Science Sackville (the Principles of Science)
Something new Dino Valente (s/t)
Cold in Philadelphia Perry Leopold (Experiment in Metaphysics)
Love Song Tim Hardin (III, Lilith russion edition live bonus LP)
Tell me why Anonymous choir (sing Neil Young´s After the Goldrush)
The Right to Cry(excerpt) Matt Elliott (Only Myrocardial Infarction can break your heart)

by joe le taxi, ca.130 min,
dj set set, the 26.7.2014, 10-12 pm.
@ about: blank)

As Cover I made a photo-still of Ignatz´Teenage Boys LP


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