The Oriental Beat goes on – Selected Eastern Outernationals



Here´s a selection of some favourite outernational tracks coming from what the west calles superficially “the east”, with some excursions to african or indian songs with oriental influences.  Most of them are from the 60ies and 70ies and taken from recent compilations, reissues or 7″.  I tried to select this time more danceable psychedelic & beat orientated tracks than in my last oriental mixes. The title is taken from a 7″ by isrealian “David the Red Sea Singer”.

Thanks for the blog radiodiffussion internationaal for digging some of these tracks and great inspiration.


Intro :                                                                                                                                       Ahmed Malek – Silences des Cendres (Algeria)

Arista Birawa Group – Didunia Yang Lain (Indonesia)
Catatan Perjalalan – Kelompok Kampungan (Indonesia)
El Kamh – Omar El Shariyi (Egypt)
Souad Abdullah – Choubi Choubi / Seya Seya (Irak)
Palestinian – Ja´ffar Hassan (Irak/Palestine)
Zafer Dilek – Iste Hendek, Iste Deve (Turkey)
The Oriental Beat Goes On – David The Red Sea Singer (Israel)
Al Tashir Le’af Achat Acheret 2:43 Shula Chen (Israel/Palestine)
SuroYuama – Guy One (Ghana)
Talagh – Gogoosh (Iran)
Dag Dagui – Mazouni (Algeria)
Bappil Lahiri w/ Salma Agha – Come Closer (India)
Lam Plearn Koi Aai – Angkanang Kunchai with Ubon-Pattana Band (Thailand)
Berk Tvea Auy Bong –Im Songserm & Houy Meas (Cambodia)

Outro:                                                                                                                                             Rajaat Laayoun– Abdou El Omari (Marocco)

60 min, 09/14 by joe le taxi, (blurred cover photo is a still of kelompok kampungan´s 10″, a song is taken here, too)

photo still of Jaff´ar Hassan 7″ (sublime frequencies, choubi choubi LP bonus)


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