Wyrd Visions´ “Half – Eaten Guitar” reissue

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Mount Eerie´s tiny lovely label P.W.Elverum & Sun reissued – already a few month ago the masterpiece Half – Eaten Guitar, originally released 2006 by Toronto´s Blue Fog Recordings.  Since the time, a friend gave a copy of the cd by the swedish – canadian Wyrd Visions, I was fascinated by the 5 long tracks and played especially the hypnotic “Sigill” at dj sets and tried in vain to get hold of this record, but outside of canada almost impossible.

So now here´s a wonderful designed reissue of this unique record. Everything else to say says Phil Elverum himself. (except to add, that the rest of the world lives now “disturbed” by this record, even the more southern parts of it).

Listen to all of the tracks and buy it via the P.W.Elverum soundcloud or web page linked here or if you are lucky in some tiny stors in Berlin as well, like the “bis aufs messer store” , I bought my copy yesterday.


ELV035: HALF-EATEN GUITAR by Wyrd Visions : LP+download

P.W. Elverum & Sun is seriously thrilled to announce the release of the long lost artifact known as “HALF-EATEN GUITAR”, the only full album ever recorded by the Swedish-Canadian musician/sorcerer known as WYRD VISIONS (also known as Colin Bergh of Toronto).

This record seemingly emerged from a northern bog in 2006 and has dominated our attention ever since. Meanwhile the first pressing quickly sold out (by Blue Fog Recordings of Toronto) and the rest of North America somehow lived on undisturbed. Finally P.W. Elverum & Sun is bringing a new pressing into existence, newly mastered, freshly designed with embossed jackets and fancy printed sleeves and a free download.

These recordings are truly eerie. If one were to imagine the music of a pagan Nordic culture, surrounded by stone and birch, taking cues from a broad grey sky, building a boat by candlelight, creating ceremonies from scratch… this would be that music. This is ancient and northern music, undistracted by the icons that divert orthodox black metal into corniness, unconcerned with adolescent ideas of authenticity. The actual spirit of the mythical northern mental landscape, the bog in mid-winter, has never been captured more perfectly than this.

Stark instrumentation and intricate playing create a thick world, a window into a very real ceremony: A single drum. A breathing reed organ. A voice. A wooden guitar being digested and transformed into a message written across the night sky.

And hopefully the second release, the 2011 wyrd visions/castlemusic split 12″ is to be reissued soon as well!

Listen and download this amazing track and don´t even try to categorize this music!

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