Pasolini Roma


Just came back from a fascinating exhibition in Martin Gropius Bau Pasolini Roma about Pier Paolo Pasolini, starting with his arrival in the train station in Rome, the publishing of his first novel “Ragazzi di Vita” and the trials against him, continuing with his life as film- and theatre director and ending with a room about the fragmentaric novel “Petrolio”, a last interview and images of his still unresolved death in Ostia 1975.

The interviews, footage and filmexcerpts are well selected and cut, so there is time to really see all the selected parts of the exhibiton, but you´ll see Pasolini as well as a painter of drawings and paintings, important poems and political statements by Pasolini are screened to the walls.

One very early interview was very remarkable to me: “Pasolini enraged” (Pasolini l’enragé (1966, Jean-André Fieschi) where he talks about the suburbs of Rome, he lived in and his relation to the lower class:

The rooms are structured in time periods, summarized like chapters of a movie and the projections of some films are screened on artefacts of Pasolini movies like e.g. a car in Accatone, simply stunning!


The exhibition does not have the approach to be exhaustive – nor does it go into the details of the myths and political theories about the death of Pasolini but tries to well inform the known facts about his rich and incredible creative vita, about the person, the poet and one of the most innovative and couragious directors of the last century, whose crediblity in these neo-liberal shattered times seems to be missed like almost never before: Pier Paolo Pasolini.(until january 2015, 7-10 €)

There is a Pasolini special film programme in Kino Arsenal this autumn and they will show in Gropius Bau in the cinema with free entry the 9/10 Attacone & Mama Roma 30/10 and the 5/11 is a discussion with Volker Schlöndorf about the director Pasolini, always 7 pm, free entry.


Interview: (Ital./German)


His first movie Acattone (italian/engl.subs)

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