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The little dog laughed radio # 9 – Rebetika special

Rita Abatzi (engl.below) Recordings from a greek underworld – ein Rebetika special  (zusammen mit Fiwi Daliani) This thursday 2230 pm – 24pm / Donnerstag 30.Oct 2230-24h. (stream) or 88,4fm (Berlin) Rebetiko, auch im Plural Rebetika oder deutsch Rembetiko genannt … Continue reading

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Short cuts: Ought / Yupin Praething / Francois Tusques & Don Cherry & Morricone´s Veruschka Score

Here are some of my recent faves to survive the grey berlin autumn with 50 shades of grey.  Mostly in “shortcuts” with quotes & links to the releases for more infos. Alors, on y va: Extremly eclectic 4 track EP … Continue reading

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Hailu Mergia and the Walias´ “Tche Belew”

Awesome tapes from Africa just released after the amazing LP Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument (1985) now the Holy Grail reissue of Hailu Mergia´s legendary Walias Band of ethiopian instrumentals and ethio jazz standards called “Tsche Belew”. The Walias … Continue reading

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“Il faut être absolument moderne” – New retrofuturistic releases by Born Bad Records: Francis Bebey & Mobilisation General: French Protest and Spirit Jazz 1970-76 Sampler

Tiny little french label Born Bad Records released two years ago Francis Bebey´s epic “African Electronic Music 1975 – 1982” compilation that featured lots of cameroon´s best known hits like “Agatha” or dancefloor tracks like “new track”. Now the story … Continue reading

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Cheval Fou: French Exotica Spezial #8 – Relisten

Relisten to the radio emission the 25.9 here: or here: Intro: Leo Ferré – Et basta (excerpt) === 60er french beat to 70er psychodelia # L´ingourdi – Brigitte Fontaine & Areski (l´Incendie) # Looking for you – Nino Ferrer … Continue reading

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* twenty one little tape deck ghosts *

Here is a mix of some of my favourite tracks over the last years released only on tape on labels like night city, the tapeworm, autotune the world, curly cassettes, sun ark, carpi or the curatorial club. Some of the … Continue reading

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* Foggy October Music for Church Cleaners, Electric Phin Bands & Other Little Lords of Misrules *

Here´s a little autumn selection of beloved new releases and reissues lately of obscure little oddities.In the End there are some links for the whole releases. The title is taken from the amazing “music for church cleaners” release by Áine … Continue reading

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