* Foggy October Music for Church Cleaners, Electric Phin Bands & Other Little Lords of Misrules *


Here´s a little autumn selection of beloved new releases and reissues lately of obscure little oddities.In the End there are some links for the whole releases.

The title is taken from the amazing “music for church cleaners” release by Áine O’Dwyer, Two songs are on these mix as an intro and outro. See it as a real mixtape: The first half (side a ) is more quiet, the second half (side b) is more danceable.


Áine O’Dwyer – in a fugue state of mind (music for church cleaners)
Niedowierzanie – Lait fraise (Attendre)
Lilacs & Champagne – Shower Scene (midnight features Vol. I)
Kevin Morby – We Did It All Wrong (My Name 7″)
Big Blood – A Watery Down II (unlikely mother)
Sun Ra – Prophetika Part 1 (7″)
M.Rux – crazy junker (Yoga 7″)
George Moxey- Medley (I Love You Truly/Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes)
Su Wai – Sann Nwe Oo (The Beauty Of Early Summer)”
Khun Narin – Sut Sanaen #2 (Khun Narin´s electric phin band)
Áine O’Dwyer – The Little Lord of Misrule (music for church cleaners)


(60 min
by joe le taxi,


music for church cleaners :


khun narin´s electric phin band


Su Wai


M. Rux edits:

Big Blood:


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