* twenty one little tape deck ghosts *


Here is a mix of some of my favourite tracks over the last years released only on tape on labels like night city, the tapeworm, autotune the world, curly cassettes, sun ark, carpi or the curatorial club. Some of the artists like dirty beaches or the microphones released their first album via tape before they got more known but still there are treasures to be found on these early releases.

The first half are mostly quiet, ambient tunes, the second part is more psychedlic and song-orientated. The title is taken from the first microphones tape called “tests” with a song called “tape deck ghosts” featured here as well.


Simple Matters – Cody Yantis (Resonant Memory)
Daniel Emmanuel – Earth Dance (Echoes from ancient Graves)
Aine O´Dyver – An Unkindness Of Ravens, The Chapel On The Hill (Music For Church Cleaners)
Bitchin Bajas – Tape 1 side A excerpt (Hideout Residency)
Niedowizanie – La Riviere (Cosa Fare?)
Reedbeds – a excerpt (reedbeds)
The Microphones – tape deck ghosts (tests)
Thoughts on Air – Hue and you (black eagle child split cassette)
Ducktails – White House With Green Shutters (Acres of Shade)
Casino Hearts – Romantic Revival (Lonesome Island)
Dirty Beaches – Black Kawasaki (Dirty Beaches, Night People Tape)
Pigeons – En reve (Pigeons, The Curatorial Club Tape)
Sun Araw – luther excerpt (In orbit)
Family Portrait – George (Family Portrait, The Curatorial Club, C17)
MV & EE, – Mesos Pot Amia excerpt (Godchaux Free Brattleboro)
Osman Arabi – unknown (Destroying Symmetry)
track 5 – Mystic revelation of Rastafari
unknown – Cheb Ziram (Libyan Reggae)
Graves – Morning Bird
Solid Home Life – let´s go to bed (S/t curly cassettes)
Scott Tuma -Soul Side (Cracker where am I)

by joe le taxi







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