Cheval Fou: French Exotica Spezial #8 – Relisten

Relisten to the radio emission the 25.9 here: or here:

Intro: Leo Ferré – Et basta (excerpt)

=== 60er french beat to 70er psychodelia

# L´ingourdi – Brigitte Fontaine & Areski (l´Incendie)
# Looking for you – Nino Ferrer (Nino And Radiah)
# Raconte – toi – Yves Simon (Magic Sunrise Sampler)
# Sunny Road to Salina – Christophe (Dirty French psychodelia Sampler)

=== Psychedelic french filmmusic

# Oh willow wally – George Auric (the Innocents)
# Profundeurs – Roger Roger ‎(Le Viol Du Vampire)
# La Première Reine – Pierre Henry – (La reine verte)

Jean – Luc Godard Scores : 

# New York Herald Tribune – Martial Solal (A bout du souffle)
# Theme – Michel Legrand (Vivre Sa Vie)

# Theme Du Commissaire Bourrel – Marc Lanjean & Son Orchestre (Les Cinq Dernières Minutes)

=== French spiritual Jazz & exotica

# Unknown – Jef Gilson (Spiritual Jazz II)
# Dans la neige et le Vent – Graziella / Jef Gilson (Chansons de Jazz)
# Homage a Kabylie – Raphael (Stop, Look, Listen!)
# Tribute to Bob Kaufmann (excerpt) – Full Moon Ensemble (Crowded by Lonlyness)
# Naima (Coltrane) – les Double Six (s/t)

=== French pop & kitch influenced by Exotica

# L´Homme a tete de chou – Serge Gainsbourg (L´homme a tete de chou)
# Rose Rouge Sang – Jean Claude Vannier (Rose rouge sang)
# Royan – Francois & the atlas mountains (Her River Raves Recollections 10“)
# La Fille des ease – Françoiz Breut (Split Francois Single)

Outro: La fin de la Vie – la debut de survinance – Cheval Fou (dirty french psychedelia)


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