Strictly ambient instrumental album by dirty beaches.  Cool synth sound scapes, viola and Alex playing the tenor saxophon. Back to the roots of the early works released on fiction records. Like a dystopian soundtrack to the recent refugee catastrophes with track names like “displaced” or “stateless”, with a picture of two black men on a boat looking at the ocean on the backcover.

But let´s not overinterprete things. Here´s Alex´


All seasons are cyclical, like real life shit. We adapt and venture through each phase with intentions of engagement, embracing mistakes and chances that eventually become the foundation of identities and roles we take on in life. All pain is temporary, as in joy, anger, doubt and all human emotions. Nothing is forever. Just a constant cyclical randomization processed in patterns and algorithms. We can’t predict life, but we can try to brace ourselves for the ever changing tides of time.

Some dreams, are worth breaking your limbs for.

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