* The Amen Dunes Set *

Here´s the dj set I played friday in Monarch at the sold out Amen Dunes concert. I was playing in the 90 minutes before the concert old 70ies loner folk and recent outsider blues, turning into indie sounds and psychedelic tunes. I was asked quite often for a playlist that night- so here is the set again, as fas as I remember. Part two of the set I played after the concert will follow.

The title is a track quote by Wymond Miles featured here as well. Foto shot in Leipzig.

* The Amen Dunes set (pt.1): Hidden things are asking you to find them *


Rural Ra – mv & ee (Raggas of the culvert)
Evil Blues – John Fahey (Blind Joe Death)
Embudo – Marisa Anderson (mercury)
Side a (excerpt) – David-Thomas Broughton (unable to)
Venus in Cancer – Robbie Basho (venus in cancer)
My name – kevin morby (7″)
Emily – Michel Yonkers & Jim Wöhrle (Borders of my mind)
Moon on her mind – Ed Askew (ed askew / steve gunn split double 10″)
A guest – Micah Blue Smalldone (the red river)
Faded Postcards – Plankton Wat (Plankton wat/Expo 700 split)
Tennage boys – Ignatz (Ignatz & de stervende honden: tennage boys)
The welcome sailor – Richard Youngs (lale waterson tribute)
winterer one – Julian lynch (orange you glad)
Sweet Child of nothingness – Human Expression (love at the psychedelic velocity)
Cadillac Desert- William Tyler (impossible truth)
Hidden things are asking you to find them – Wymond Miles (Earth has doors)
Golden desert sun – Dirty Beaches (7″)
Wythe Duet (Featuring Jon Truscinski)- Steve Gunn (too early for the hammer)

by joe le taxi 11/14


90 min.

* The Amen Dunes set (pt.2): Space Blues *

* Part 2 of the Amen Dunes Set in Monarch – the hour right after the concert until the party dj´s took over.

Starting with Jack Kerouac´s “northport tapes”, Jack talking and singing along to Frank Sinatra, fading in into Neil Young´s “in the early morning rain” cover, here is an hour of funeral psych-folk, molam thai street music and some postpunk until it fades out with some tunes by a band, I started the first set already:”Space Blues” by mv & ee.


side b (excerpt)- Jack Kerouac (northport tapes)
In the early morning rain – Neil Young (a letter home)
Lam Phu thai – khun narin electric phin band (s/t)
Nature boy – Eden Abbez (the exotic world of…)
Buikdans- Silvester Anfang II (perzische tapeten)
(valle de dith – bear bones lay low, s/t)
August in my mind – the fresh & only´s (august in my mind)
Waiting – ought (one more with feeling)
Tomorrow – Dino Valente (s/t)
Space blues – mv & ee (fantasy set)

(for some reason I forgot to record bear bones lay low´s track “vallee de dith”, I played after silvester anfang, sorry)

by joe le taxi 11/14
51 min.
(cover photo taken in revaler strasse)

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