* Howling songs for mad dogs & Chihuahuas *

I always wanted to do this – a compilation of songs ´bout dogs.
So instead of stupid x-mas songs here are some tracks about white, brown, little suburban dogs – or Chihuahuas. Howl.

Cover dog is orla´s dog timber.


my beautiful white dog – vincent gallo
a dog river – esmerine
I Miss My Dog – ignatz
rain dogs – tom waits
suburban dogs – real estate
little dog – liam the younger
dogheart II – growlers
Chihuahua – sugarcubes
Little Brown Dog – Mo Kolours
thirsty dog – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
i wanna be your dog – sonic youth
black dog – herman dune
Dog and Siren – Micah Blue Smaldone
Dreaming Dog – Uke of Spaces Corners
Pariah Dogs – Ulaan Khol
Dog´s Got A Bone – the beta band
My Dog Is Every Bit As Good As Me – bobby brown
Les filles et les chiens – Jacques Brel

by joe le taxi 12/14
65 min.


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